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  • Artiste: Portugal The Man
  • Genre: Alternative
  • Album total: 17
  • Total Songs: 50+

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Portugal The Man is an experimental indie rock four piece centered on frontman John Baldwin Gourley s abstract musical approach and corresponding upbringing He was raised in a sort of technological isolation his log cabin home in the winter wasteland of the fringes of Wasilla Alaska was powered by a generator and had no telephone Both of his parents helped completely immerse him in the unique lifestyle that comes with a land of seasonal darkness and perpetual cold with their jobs ...

Musique Album de Portugal The Man

Evil Friends
In the Mountain In the Cloud
The Satanic Satanist
Waiter You Vultures
Church Mouth
Censored Colors
American Ghetto
Devil Say I I Say Air EP
iTunes Live From SoHo
Remix EP
Feel It Still The Remixes
The Majestic Majesty
Purple Yellow Red and Blue Single
Louder feat Portugal the Man Single
Louder feat Portugal The Man Single
Live in the Moment Tycho Remixes Single
  • Live in the Moment Tycho Remixes Single
  • Portugal The Man Tycho

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